A New Spin On Creating Income By Coin Collecting

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A New Spin On Creating Income By Coin Collecting

All of you coin collectors out there know that there is built-in ways to make income from your hobby.   You know a lot of your coins may be worth something, some worth a lot.   The problem is though, to make your money you have to sell them.  I have written articles about ways to monetize any hobby and the example in this article embodies that.  

The example website for this article is Become a Coin Collector Expert.

Since you have many ways to earn income with coin collecting, there is one way to earn extra income that most coin collectors don’t realize.  Your knowledge is worth something.   You have spent years learning your hobby, what coins are worth more, how to find rare coins and such.  You have amassed tons of knowledge.

What about those of us who are just starting out in coin collecting.  Maybe we would like to take a shortcut and learn the in’s and out’s on a fest track.   That’s where you come in and can help.   Since you have gained so much experience in the field of coin collecting, how about sharing?   You don’t have to share for free.   you can charge for your knowledge.   That’s what our example site is all about.   The author of the webpage, Eric Bartell gets it.   He is sharing his knowledge about coin collecting but since he went and took the time to write it down, he can charge for it.

There is a lot of newbie coin collectors that would love a jump start on how to collect, catalog and trade coins but without any experience, it can be frustrating.  The author, Erik is filling a need that many new comers to the coin collecting field can utilize and get a jump start into the hobby.

You can do the same by sharing your knowledge with the world and charging a price for it.  If you look at the example website Become a Coin Collector Expert, it’s not really that fancy and actually could use some work but if you are getting started and need information, you have a way to get a quick start into the hobby.   Eric is doing what many of you can do with your knowledge and generate an income from it.

Have fun with your hobby, learn as you do then write about it.

Coin Collector Starter Kit

  • BCW Coin Collector Starter Kit - Ideal for the Beginning Collector - Protect & Store up to 200 Coins
  • Starter Kit Includes: 1 3 inch Black Coin Collectors Album - 10 BCW 20 Pocket Pages with Thumb Cut
  • - 100 Small Coin 2×2 Paper Flips (for Penny, Nickel, & Dime)
  • 100 Medium Coin 2×2 Paper Flips (for Quarter, Half Dollar, & Small Dollar) - 2 Black 2×2 Coin Storag
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The starter kit allows for storage for up to 200 coins. The starter kit features 200 BCW 2×2 paper flips to protect coins. 10 20 pocket pages, for the display of 200 coins, or 2 coin storage boxes that will hold up 30 coins each. To store your beginning collection we recommend a specifically BCW designed album for coins, and 10 quality 3 hole punched BCW heavy- duty thumb cut pages.

Price: $ 21.95