A simple error or a cover up of a near financial US collapse?

Yahoo currency — quarterly chart


The Yuan hovers at about 1 US dollar buys 7 Yuans and then dips to 1 US dollar buys a little more than 1 Yuan

Invert the chart


4 separate times -3 in April and once in May the chart shows that 1 Yuan buys 7 US dollars

This occurs again in the Euro and Canadian dollar charts over the same 3 month period of April May and June of 2009



Between April 6th - 24th and just after May 6 , four nose diving dips — The US the Euro and Canadian dollar plunge only to completely rebound to their original places

BUT —- the bank of Canada list of exchanges for currency between those dates shows no such thing at all

The Euro shows no significant moves


Nor the US or Canadian currency —



Yahoo’s disclaimer — says they are not responsible for anything they do might do or didn’t do but should of no matter how much damage their actions may cause —- You just can’t sue them they are responsible for nothing

A simple error or a cover up of a near financial US collapse

Those Yahoo charts show a short lived collapse of worth compared to the Chinese Yuan —

Yet the Bank of Canada — shows only normal and insignificant movement

——————— What should I make of this contridiction ?

Yahoo is imcopetant and hires a lot of lawyers to cover thier buttocks because they make so many blatant and serious errors

Or —————- there were in fact 4 desperate incidences of collapse in April and May and Yahoo isn’t doing their part in the cover up because they are simply error driven and incompetent ?

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