Am I spoiled? High maintenance? I’m very confused! I don’t wish to be rude or ignorant. Please help?

I do need everyone’s honest opinion.
I’m afraid I might be a ‘spoiled brat’, a ‘high maintenance girl’ or something of the sort. I really don’t want to be!

I don’t usually like to talk about myself, but I suppose I would have to in order for someone to honestly and truthfully answer the question. Please keep in mind that i’m saying this in all modesty, Im not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings!!

I’m 16 and live in what I concider to be a well-to-do area. My aprent’s home is on a hill with a gate at the top of the driveway. Our home is 4,500 square feet, however I have a room with a closet, no personal bathroom or anyhting. We do have a pool, but it’s a bit more nesicary because there is no public one, and it’s nice to invite friends and family over for backward barbecues during the summer. I personally thinkt eh house is very nice, but we did pay for it, and my parents just sold our other house to pay for the mortgage. We purchaced it from j rockcliff realtors, it’s not like it was just given to us.

For my sixteenth birthday, I did recieve a yellow mustang convertable, however even at the time of recieving it, after driving it arroudn some I felt a bit uneasy, I had done nothing to deserve the car. I felt bad, and after 8 months of driving, I’ve given it back to may panrents, but 1 month ago I did something that kinda cancels it out. I bought another car (this one was with my own money) and I’m still making monthly payments on it from the dealer. It’s a 2008 530i automatic. Although I’m paying for it with my own saved money (that I earned, wasn’t handed) does driving it make me spoiled? or high mantinence? I was also thinking of purchacing another convertable, because my parents have two, (one that they have and the yellow one I gave back to them) but I would like my own. I was thinking of buying a used porsche boxster from the porsche dealer in walnut creek. Again I would make payments and use my won money, but will owning it make me spoiled?

I do like to get my nails done once a week. I travel down the hill to victoria’s hair and spa at the blackhawlk plaza, and get them there. I pay for it myself, and it’s just somehtign I love to do. I’ve never gotten a pedicure however, and although I get my hair done I’ve never dyed it.

I find clothing and shopping to be more of a hobby than an actual necisity. Some people collect old coins, or nice furniture, I like to collect clothes. I do buy high-end brands, but I get them on sale at stores (such as nordstrom or bloomies, I always got oto the sale section), and even used, such as places like ebay. I do have very nice clothing, however I’ve purchaced most of it myself, and find it to be a collection. I’ve collected 40+ pairs of shoes, ( about 1/2 are designer, but most of the name brand stuff I purchaced on sale), 20 pairs of denim (it’s premium/brand name, however most of it I get from ebay, used or from sale racks at nordstrom or saks fifth), and other things such as coats jackets and shirts. My parents give me 500$ a year to shop for clothes (wich I will admit I dont ahve a problem accepting, should I be feeling bad when I acept it?) but everyhting else I pay for out of pocket.

Same with purses. I really like europian brands, and unfrtuantely they are expensive. I’ve tried buying replica handbags before, but the quality was dispicable, I’ve obtained 40+ authentic handbags… some have been from outlet stores but the ones that aren’t have cast me lots of money… should I feel guilty about purchacing them? I do pay with my own money, and I need laptop carriers and luggage… but should I not purchace the premium ones? I DONT want to come off as sopiled or bratty. I dont want people to judge me just because of what I own!

My parents gave me an iphone 3 months ago, it’s really fun and all, however I didn’t like taht they were paying 90$ a month for service. I felt becasue I was using the hpone I should pay. I got a new phone, (wich my aprnets bought for 30$) wich is also a touch-screen, it’s a samsung but they only pay 10$ a months for 200 munites, I pay the remainder for unlimited munites, texting, and internet.

I purchaced a macbook used and use it for my schoolwork. I do however use my aprnests internet/wifi and feel abd about it, should I offer to reimberse them?

My tv was a gift from my grandparents, it’s a plasma screen however my frinds use it when they come over, and on some nights my brother comes into my room to use it to watch fotball with his buddies. should I attempt to return it? I dont want to be spoiled, but I really like using it!

Also, we live in the hills where there is gret hiking, however my parents bought me a gym membership and I accpeted it. I graduated high school two years early at the ned of sophmore year, and seince then I haven’t had much excersize. I’m a fit and healthy person, however just being skinny isnt enough, you need muscle and vitality. I accepted the membership in hoping to gain (muscle)
in hoping to gain (muscle) weight. My dodcor did reccomend them purcahce it for me to do strength training (the gym stuff we have at home is just cardio for my mom) but should i be paying for this as well? I really dont want to be so relaint on them!

My grandmother died recently, and left me some very nice things in the will. I inherited gold jewelry along with pearl and diamond pieces, some of wich was tifffany. I keep it in a very safe place, and i’ve never worn it in public, but even having it makes me feel spoiled. Should ig ive it to my mom? Should I sell it to purchace my dream car (wich is very VERY tempting!!!!!!)? Ithey’re kinda family heirlloms, so i would feel bad giving it away but at the same tie I fel bad keping it!
I have 800 ct bedsheets that my parnests bought me and I enjoy drinking smartwater (wich i do buy) does that make me a brat? I mean I love to go tenting and stuff, but when im at home I like bottled water and nice sheets. should i opt out for 200 or 300 ct sheets or soemthing, and drink water from the tap or filter?

My fmaily takes nice vacations, but i feel bad going along. I turned down a trip to europe to see family for my birthday. I’ve already been theere, and i really REALLY wanted to go but I felt like I was accepting too much. We take vacations onec a year or so, (out of country) but recently I’ve been feeling abd going. We stay in nice hotels and buy nice suvioneers (things that we can use tho, like ethnic furnature o0r for me clothing) but I cant help buyt feeling bad.
For the lasty year, the only vacations i’ve taken have been : to the cabbin in tahoe (it was for my brothers birthday, we always go to the cabbin for it) in desolation sound (my uncle ownes a yhat company wth my dad and we have a few boats and it’s nice to sail arround and eanjoy eachothers company) and I’ve also gone on 4 buisness trips with my dad. He is the president of a gas and electricity company is san fransisco, and travels alot. He has his piolet liscense, so we fly on his plane to places liek new york and such. I would normally feel bad about going with him, but I do see it as a learning experiance, i get to help with buisness transaction etc etc, and buisness may be somehting I want ot go into. Should I feel abd or not accept these trips? I really dont want to be spoiled.

I graduated two years early because i had the credits and did some voulenteering. I’m not a stright a student or anyhitng, i have a 3.5 gpa, but I was able to grdaute early. I’m currently going to a comm
, i have a 3.5 gpa, but I was able to grdaute early. I’m currently going to a community college to get my aa just to figure out what i want to do; im voulenteering and oing internships to see waht fields i want to go in, but after I figure it out I am hoping to transfer to uc berkeley. My aprents have told me they are going to pay for my education and I’m a bit worried, if they do does that make me spoiled? I really dont want to be!

I’ve worked all my life, really hard for what I have and recently my lifestyle has been bothering me; I don’t want to be a rude or high-brow person.
I DO WORK VERY HARD! ( I think?) I go to school, I have an online buisness of my own, im on my way to getting my piolets liscense and also working twards a real esate liscnese. (LOL but FIRST i need ot work on my spelling!) I’ve been a model for two years,a nd my career has just started to take off. I used to do catolouge for little money, but I recelt went to new york and l;a for a runway show, and I’m now in high fassion. I get a 30% comission for every high-fassion shoot that is posted in a magzine or newspaper, so it’s good income! (PS I DID PAY MY WAY THROUGH MODELING SCHOOL! My parnets didnt or anyhitng… they don’t want me to model but it’s in interest of mine so I paid myself though it) I also work as a cashier at bcbg in walnut creek ( thats also how I get clothes, from employee dscount) and I work 20 hours a week. When I ahv ethe time, I tutor mentally disabled children for 20$ an hour
It’s basically babysitting but im taching them signh language and how to get arround, they are deaf and blind and sometimes autistic, depedning on waht child im taking care of so it’s very physically and menatlly demading, but I love it!!! I’ve learned so much about body language and the value of a life.

That’s basically how i get my money… it’s not jsut ahnded ot me!!! On my brothday my family and I will ahve a game night/party, invite over realitives and dance till our socks fall off and laugh and have a good time. it’s not like Im us8t handed mony, I think?

I work rally ahrd, but im afriad im on teh verge of being a brat or spoiled!!!
It has really really been bothering me, and I’m very uneasy about it lately.
IM SORRY FOR WRITING SUCH A NOVEL! I feel that I really REALLY want your honest opinions, so i need to be upfront. I usually like to hear and learn about other oeople, i rarely talk about myself this much and please fdont take it the wrong way! im just tring to find out if my fears are true, if im a terrible person.
Please let me know your opinion!!!!!

Am I spoiled or igh maintenance? I really dont want to be!




PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME HOW CAN I FIX THIS! I dont want to be a terrible person, ever, ever!!!

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