Any merger of the US Canadian and Mexican dollar constitutes treason — Agree ?

Any and all persons who are engaging in or helping any form of common currency do so against the will of the people

And by doing so have betrayed the nation state in an act of treason and should be charged before the law and condemned to a prison term if found guilty


Do you agree ?
If you have somehow separated currency and sovereignty — I would love to hear the backwards logic it took to support that leap of programed faith

If this currency should merger say good bye to your national sovereignty

How much more of a definition of treason do you want — common currency = loss of your nation state

If that isn’t betrayal of the national interest beyond the measure any terrorist could do

What the F is ?

The attempt to over throw or destroy the rightful power of the governement

Merged currency — will end the power of the federal government completely

It is treason - by banker and their co-conspirators who ever they may be would by equally guilty

Now you tell me how much power your government will retain when they are one of 3 nations using that currency — it will end their power - and plots to support the ending of national sovereignty — is called Treason
— Well then none of you are going to mind your new 20 with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on it will you ?
************** When I asked if currency merger was treason all you Americans said no;_ylt=AiRcrQHt67.fith6C6vlfhHBFQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20081201085745AAig3kR


Fine — welcome back the British Commonwealth - universal health care and nationalized schooling begins tommorow

And all your kids are going to start learning the real history of the world

Lets merge — go on — you Americans don’t think it is treason

Good — When your new Governor General is appointed by the Crown on advice from PM Obama — the title is His or Her Excellency

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