Canadian 50 cent pices ranging from 1903 - 1969 - worth??

I have recently come across about a hundred coins, the majority being 50 cent pieces. I have been trying to Google them and see how much they’re worth, and that isn’t helping, either is Ebay. I am wondering if anyone knows of a good and easy site to look them up? Oldest coins are:

1903 - Canadian 50 cents "Edwardvs VII Dei Gratia Rex Imperator" on back.
1909 - Canadian 25 cents - same on back as 1903
1913,14,16- 50 cents - "Georgivs V Dei Gra Rex Et Ind:Imp" on back
1918 - two 25 cents with same on back as 1913,14,16
one 50 cent piece with same
1920 - 50 cent piece with same as well
1938 - 50 cent piece "Georgivs VI D:G:Rex Et Ind:Imp"on back

THEN: 24 fifty cent pieces from 1940-1949

+ 49 fifty cent pices from 1950-1959

+ 37 fifty cent pices from 1960-1969

+ a bag of about 30 old dimes, and a few old 25 cents

Would any of these be rare?

ANY help you can give me would be greatly appreciated, Im sure my grandma would be pleased to know, haha.

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