Chem Question……confused….?

A coin dealer, offered a rare silver coin, suspected that it might be a counterfeit nickel copy. The dealer heated the coin, which weighed 14.0 g to 100°C in boiling water and then dropped the hot coin into 28.5 g of water at T = 17.0°C in an insulated coffee-cup, and measured the rise in temperature. If the coin was really made of silver, what would the final temperature of the water be (in °C)? (for nickel, s = 0.445 J/g-degC; for silver, s = 0.233 J/g-degC )

I understand that they are heating the coin to 100 celcius and puttin it in water and based on its specific heat, it would lose a certain amount of heat, but how do u do this problem. I don’t know the q of reaction.