Coin Collection Facts - Story Of The UK Coinage

Coin Collection Facts - Story Of The UK Coinage

The money has never been such an importance until the hobby of coin collecting started in this world.

Since its start the hobby of coin collecting has represented the old way of preserving the history of mankind. The nation’s heritage and history is preserved by the means of coin collecting. Thus the coin collectors allows people to feel and touch the coins which were used in ancient times.

The coins in United Kingdom are regarded as a very precious relic because they are thought to be the right representative of the royalty. Take for example the 50-cents coin which was produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, if the coin collectors happens to get this coin he would be very happy. After all it wan minted for the “Golden Jubiliee of Queen Elizabeth II”.

Let’s explore some truth about coin collecting in UK

The terms which are used in categorizing the coins kind is different from that of the United Sates of America. Take for example the coins which were circulated in the UK between 1971-1981. They were called as “new Pence” and it was used to differentiate from the so called “ancient pre-decimal pennies”.

As the time progressed the experts felt the need to change the word “new” with a more concrete feature that would also indicate the value and worth of the coin. So this “new” was replaced by the terminologies like “two” or “thirty” by 1982. These terminologies indicated the worth of the coin as well.

After one year these “two pence” or what you call as “2p” became very common and the demand for them diminished. Therefore the Royal Mint gave the “2p” coins only in sets and that too it was distributed to the coin collectors exclusively. At this point of time there are only twenty “2p” coins that still have the “new pence” word engraved on the coin and is in circulation. It is very difficult to get this rare coin.

As the UK history has undergone a change so do the coin collecting hobby. The first change in the area of coin collecting was the “decimalization” of the coins. With the advent of the “decimal coinage” the coinage system of England was established on the relationships that shows the value of the coins of ancient times. Take for example the coin of 2 half pence (known initially). Its name has now changed to 1 penny and 20 shillings has become equal to one pound.

The coin collecting in UK is, indeed, not just simply a realization of a hobby.It also represents the history of the United Kingdom.

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