Farmville Coins XP Points and More

Farmville Coins XP Points and More

The explosive game of FarmVille is one that’s here to stay. Once you get involved, you are hooked and there’s no looking back. Building up your coins and xp points are very important if you are to level up quickly and expand your farm.

Face it people, we all want to have the best looking farm right? Well, then there’s work to be done. Start off collecting those coins by plowing, planting and harvesting. Again I say, plow, plant and harvest. You have to start with the basics. Gain some coin and along with it will come the xp points. It’s kind of like peanut butter and jelly.

Coins from harvesting, coins from helping your friends, and from your animals such as collecting eggs from the chickens or truffles from the pigs or from brushing the horses. There are so many ways to accumulate those much needed coins. Did I mention that you need to bring in the coins?

Once we have a nest egg then we can think about purchasing other goodies like, no not the decorations, although I know it is tempting, actually more land. Expanding your farm, you guessed it, depending on the size plot you buy, will double your income. Oh I like the sound of that, cha ching! Be prepared to spend some time on the basic farming duties because we don’t want our crops to die. Be there when they are ready. I believe there’s only about an hour or so window before you’ll have very withered, dried out, unattractive, not in the living state, dead crops.

The xp points are experience points that you acquire basically every time you complete a task. As you climb the ladder in xp points you rise in levels an example of this would be at level 2 you would need 20 XP points at 3 you would need 40 at level 4 you would need 90 and so on and so fourth.

The decorations are abundant, you can get fences, hay bales, bird houses, lawnmowers, wagons and the list goes on and on. Everything to make your farm look authentic and a farm you can and will be proud of. You can even fly a flag of your choice: USA, UK, Canadian, Spanish and more.

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