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Flea Market Coins

A flea market is a place where you go to buy different items at really cheap prices. It is like a yard sale only with loads more stuff and loads more people selling. In fact the market should be called a free market because of it very low prices. If you are a coin collector then this market is your heaven, because you get to find really rare flea market coins there at really reasonable prices.

The coin specimens that you will get to see there are probably really old stuff that someone doesn’t really think is worth a lot. However you will have to be patient and take your time to look through all the coins there to find one that is really rare. This of course will take a while because the flea market is really a big place but you will probably get some good flea market coins that you can add to your collection.

Try visiting more of these kinds of markets because you will probably get lucky and end up with a prize possession.  Flea markets are held in many places so if you also like to travel then this is your chance you will get a two in one deal. You will get to see beautiful surroundings as well as get the coin you want. Not only will you get a chance to view a variety of coins and probably end up with a good coin, but you get the chance to buy other rare stuff, like some really old piggy bank where you can store your coins. Try it out you never know what you could be missing out on.

First World War Canadian Corps Badges (1st Edition) : The Charlton Standard Catalogue

This is the second book in the Charlton series covering the World War I badges of the Canadian Army. “The Canadian Corps badges” together with “The Canadian Infantry badges” completes the badges of the Canadian Regiments in the Great War of 1914-1918. Each regiment and every battalion was issued a set of insignia, leading to the remark by a British General that the Canadian Army was the best and easiest identified army of World War I. This and the sister catalogue (First World War Canadia

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List Price: $ 19.95


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