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Tourists from the United States benefits from the trip to Canada in search of bargains and holiday shopping. Recently, however, the Canadian dollar moves against parity with the dollar threatens to exceed its value. Powered by force in the market for raw materials such as uranium and oil, Canadian dollar, the Canadian dollar is affectionately known, to comply with a new mandate. What does this mean for the U.S. distributor of foreign exchange (Forex)?

What is inequality?

Uniformity occurs when the basic denomination of the currency of a country is equal to that of others. For example, regardless of the commission, if you convert a dollar of American money in Canada, try the Canadian dollar will now receive a return. Until recently, you have a dollar with some Canadian coins have received the highest rating in the U.S. dollar against the Canadian dollar. Times have changed. As the U.S. dollar eroded further, the Canadian dollar has finally reached for the first time in 30 years.

Opportunity or disaster?

The new set of economic conditions between the Canadian dollar and the Canadian dollar in America is an opportunity or disaster definitely depends on what you are looking from that perspective. Canadians will then south to cross-border shopping and enjoy the new value to your money. American tourists are likely to look for his trip to the Canadian border at a lower price, which is a pity, given the relative proximity of the Christmas period. American manufacturers are starting to see their products, increased its exports to Canada’s largest trading partner, partner of the United States. But what if you are an American dealer in the forex market? Has a gloomy outlook for you?


This type of trade that the U.S. dealers are not affected, if at all. The reason is that what makes so potentially profitable forex volatility itself. If the United States, or any other country, you make money through Forex trading positions due to their belief that the market in either direction, up or down. Although there is no movement, not about the money. So the real issue is not whether a particular currency was stronger against other currencies, in particular, but if you take the right position than to changes in value. Therefore, if you’re a broker, the conclusion that the U.S. dollar continues to devalue against the dollar, and then you can follow the trend and short the USD / CAD trade. Of course, a part of the trick to determine how long this trend will continue. Without being too comfortable with the routine, maybe you can enjoy it while it simultaneously limit spending or eliminate it get to the north of the border.

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