Getting Rare Coin Collecting Dealers

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Getting Rare Coin Collecting Dealers

If you enjoy collecting rare coins, a dealer who can give you accurate and honest input about your coin collection is an important asset. Dealers who are members of trade associations like the American Numismatics Association, the Professional Numismatists’ Guild, and even the Better Business Bureau subscribe to codes of ethics in their dealings with the public.

This is an important first requirement you should have in any relationship with a dealer in rare coins and collecting. Your rare coin collection is valuable; dealers should be trustworthy. If you can, you should also secure testimonials or positive feedback from the dealer’s recent and current customers. A little time spent in research like this will go a long way toward ensuring you don’t regret any transactions with the dealer.

Experience Matters

Rare coin collecting and dealing with the coin collecting public can be complex. You should try to work with dealers-whether local or online-who can demonstrate experience and expertise in your particular area of numismatic interest. Small details of design, issuance, availability, and market can make a big difference in the value of a rare coin collection. Dealers who are familiar with the details of a particular coin or category of coins can save you a great deal of time and frustration as you either sell or expand your collection.

Valuing Your Rare Coin Collection

Online rare coin dealers aid collectors in getting a good general idea of the value of their collections and specific coins they may be interested in selling. By doing an Internet search on keyword terms like “pricing rare coins” or even by the specific name of the coin you are interested in evaluating, you can quickly get a general range of pricing, depending on the specifics of your coin’s condition and the marketplace demand for it.

Of course, the better condition your coin is in (the closer it is to true “mint” condition), the higher the price it will command. In order to obtain realistic results, it is important for you to honestly assess your coin’s state of wear. Otherwise, you’ll only end up disappointing yourself and potentially wasting the time of the dealer or collector on the other side of the transaction.

Getting Specific

Dealers in rare coin collections can offer many fascinating facts about specific types of coins and their value. If you believe you have a valuable rare coin, an online dealer’s web site can be an important first stop for some preliminary information you can use to decide whether to pursue a sale.

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