Getting Started With Your Coin Collection

Getting Started With Your Coin Collection

There are tons of different reasons why someone may want to collect coins, some collectors do it for the future value of the coin, some do it because they simply enjoy having a piece of history! There are also other people that enjoy collecting common coins but there are also the really serious collectors that collect coins from different countries, eras, and types of metals. The initial hobby of collecting coins can be both pleasurable as well as fun for any individual at any age, however, this hobby usually involves spending money from the get-go in order to find the coins he or she is looking for. Some of these people may even join coin collector groups to get opinions, ideas and knowledgeable help from more experienced collectors! Face it, if you are new to coin collecting you may not know what is popular right now, or where to find certain coins, so by having a professional near by that you can ask question to you could ultimately be saving yourself a lot of time trying to find the needle in the haystack and instead enjoying other things in life.

There are several different collections people are accumulating now, but one of the most popular and in demand collections are called; First Spouse Coins. Its pretty obvious what these coins are but just incase you need a little more info, here is a little snippet off of the United States Mint website:

“The United States is observing our Nation’s first spouses by issuing one-half ounce gold coins featuring their figures, in the order that they functioned as first spouse. The United States Mint yields First Spouse Gold Coins on the same schedule as the Presidential Coins issued honoring the Presidents. The 2008 First Spouse Gold Coins feature Elizabeth Monroe, Louisa Adams, Andrew Jackson’s Liberty, and Martin Van Buren’s Liberty. The First Spouse Gold Coin obverse features portraits of the Nation’s first spouses, their names, the dates and order of their term as first spouse, the year of minting or issuance, “In God We Trust,” and “Liberty.” Each coin has a unique reverse design featuring an image emblematic of that spouse’s life and work, as well as the inscriptions “The United States of America,” “E Pluribus Unum,” “,” “1/2 oz.” and “.9999 Fine Gold.”

Alright, so these are Spouse Coins, what is up with the Jefferson, Jackson and Van Burens? Well if your on the up and up with history you would know that these three Presidents served without a first spouse so a gold coin is issued bearing an obverse image emblematic of Liberty as depicted on circulating coin of that era and a reverse image emblematic of themes of that president’s life.

These coins are absolutely stunning, I really cannot take my eyes off of them, these are a great coin to add to your collection whether your just starting out or have been at this game for a long time coming! You really would be lucky to have a piece of this history, there is no doubt about it! Plus, you can either collect these and save them for the future or you can actually sell these right now and make hundreds of dollars off of ONE coin! I was just searching this out on eBay awhile ago and found 2007s Abigail Adams for sale for well over 0! This is definitely something you will want to check out as soon as possible! Good luck on your hunt!

National Park Coin Single Mint Folder 2010-2021

Pre-Order Now. Ships January 2010. Whitman Deluxe Edition National Park Quarters Folder, 2010 2021, 60 openings, single mint. The National Park Quarters Coin Act of 2008 requires quarters, beginning in 2010, to have designs on the reverse depicting one national site in each state, the District of Columbia, and the territories of the United States. Fifty-six (56) different designs will complete the program from 2010 through 2021. Whitman folders are built from the safest archival safe materials k

List Price: $ 4.99

Price: $ 2.03

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