Gold Coin Collecting Trends For 2009

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Gold Coin Collecting Trends For 2009

Gold coin collectors everywhere are celebrating the soaring gold prices that have been seen in recent times. Coins and collections that were once valuable are now very valuable. For 2009, gold coin collecting will remain strong.

Proof gold coins are expected to be strong performers through 2009, as are rare date and early gold. With rare date and early gold coins, the better they look, the higher their value. Proof gold coins are rare by definition and those in F.D.C. (fleur de coin) condition are going to have the highest value.

The Saint Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin is still one of the most beautiful, popular and sought after gold coins on the market, and will remain so for a long time. Saint Gaudens proof coins, and those with no motto (without In God We Trust) on them are more rare and therefore more highly valued.

Newly minted 24-kt Jackson’s Liberty First Spouse gold coins, both proof and uncirculated are going to be strong for the coming months. Other gold coins that are remaining high in popularity are the Liberty and the Liberty, the Liberty Half-Eagle (with or without motto), American Gold Eagle bullion coins, the Commemorative US gold coins - 1988 Olympic (uncirculated) and 1986 Statue of Liberty, British Sovereign gold coin - King Edward 1902-1910, Canadian Maple Leaf, and the Australian Lunar gold coins - 2005 1 oz Gold Rooster and 2004 1-oz. Gold Monkey.

In uncertain financial times, gold is one thing whose value continues to remain strong if not rise. Consider adding any of these coins to your collection.

One of the best gold coin investment is Saint Gaudens Double Eagle Gold Coins. They represent great collectible and investment opportunity as they increase in price on average about 8% a year. Here is a little history on Saint Gaudens gold coins.

In the early 1900′s, President Theodore Roosevelt inquired of sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens as to whether or not he would be interested in re-crafting the design or the nation’s coinage to look more like the coins of ancient Greece, where democracy first took root. What Saint Gaudens created was a breathtaking high relief design featuring the image of Miss Liberty on one side and a flying eagle on the other. This coin symbolized both the county’s strength while moving into the future and independence as a powerful and glorious nation.

Only a few proofs were struck, and then production began of the gold coins. Because of the high relief, these coins were not the favorite of bankers (they wobbled when being stacked). Eventually the coin was altered to be flatter. Even though all of the Double Eagle gold coins are considered collectors items, those struck in high relief are more highly prized.

Interestingly, this incredible symbol of America was, for a time, produced without the motto “In God We Trust.” Roosevelt felt that it was sacrilegious to have that motto on coins that could be used for gambling. The Saint Gaudens Double Eagle gold coin is indeed a symbol of greatness. A symbol of artistry, independence, strength and even the workings of our government, this gold coin has a history that spans a century and beauty that is unmatched.

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