Gold Coins and Silver Coins Collecting - An Exciting And Hot Money-Making Business Opportunity!

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Gold Coins and Silver Coins Collecting - An Exciting And Hot Money-Making Business Opportunity!

Numismatics has been defined as the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects.

According to Wikipedia, the etymology of the word numismatics comes from the adjective “numismatic”, meaning “of coins”, borrowed in 1792 from French “numismatique”, which derives from Late Latin “numismatis”, genitive of “numisma”, a variant of “nomisma” meaning “coin. Reference

For the purpose of this article, numismatics refers to collecting old, minted or new gold coins, gold bullions, silver coins, and silver bullions for hobby or for investment. Old and antique coins command a good price so does rare ones. Like stamp collecting, coin collection can be a good hobby as well while making money at the same time.

Gold and Silver as Money

As early as Abrahams Biblical time, precious metals such as gold and silver served as money, as the old method of business transaction (bartering) were not always convenient mediums of exchange. It is commonly believed that the first coins were struck about 700 B.C.E. The Persian Gold Daric which weighed at about 8.4 grams (0.27 oz t) had been evaluated in 1988 at .50.

As for the silver, particularly silver shekels, which during the first century Common Era was  equivalent to three days wage, became notorious for its role in Judas Iscariot betraying Jesus Christ for the price of just thirty pieces of silver.

Gold is the world’s oldest international currency and has played a role in most countries’ currency systems for well over two thousand years.

Gold coins were then minted by other Mediterranean civilizations and often circulated far outside their countries of origin. Indeed Roman gold coins were used for long after the fall of Rome itself. During the Middle Ages in Europe gold and silver formed the basis of the currency systems although gold was too valuable for most day-to-day transactions.

Gold and Silver as Investment

Today, there are many ways to buy gold and silver . You can also buy gold coins, gold bullions and silver coins, silver bullions. Many ETFs, exchange-traded funds, provide another way to buy gold and silver. These funds are liquid, meaning easy to buy or sell at a price close to the last price. Different ETFs offer varied investing approaches.

Good sites for research include yahoo finance and msn.moneycenter. Gold ETFs are easily bought and sold now, though they might not be in a crisis. For many people though, unleveraged ETFs are the best way to buy gold and silver.


Antique or period jewelry may be a good investment, if you are knowledgeable about it. Buying modern jewelry, on the other hand, is like buying a new car. Depreciation is a factor.

In developing countries, pawnshops are mushrooming accepting all kinds of gold jewelries. This help them wade the tide during cash emergencies. Members of the family who work abroad usually bought jewelries as presents when they return or visit their families in their home country.

Gold Coins and Silver Coins

The U.S., Canada, and South Africa, among others, make and sell gold and silver coins. These coins are portable and fungible. That means that if they know the price of one coin, they know the price of each one like it.

In recent years there has been an explosion of interest in precious metals and more and more investors are taking possession of gold and silver bars and coins. Part of the attraction may be that investing in metal is very easy to understand, and is tangible in a way that other investments are not. A lot more people are turning to investing in precious metals every day than ever before.

Here are some of the universally-popular Gold and Silver coins.

South African Krugerrand

This coin was first minted in the late 1960s and production continues today. It contains one ounce of gold, and an additional trace amount of copper for durability. As a bullion coin, its value in the marketplace rests on its gold content.

American Silver Eagle

An example of a silver bullion coin is the American Silver Eagle. This coin from the U.S. Mint states on its back that it is worth one dollar, and is in fact legal tender for any purchase at that value. However, like the Krugerrand, the Silver Eagle is bought and sold according to the value of its silver content and carries an additional premium.

Bullion Bars are stamped for purity, usually “.999″ or “.9995,” and are also stamped with a specific weight in ounces, and sometimes in kilograms or other measure.

Where to get them

There are plenty of places and legitimate sites that you can find online where you can buy silver coins and gold coins. There are also legitimate Networking companies who market gold and silver coins thru Network Marketing. Depending on your preferences, there are about four good Network Marketing Companies with online presence who tackle the business legitimately, very professionally and that reward their distributors very generously, ensuring the income generation of their distributors. These are Numis Network, Silver Snowball, Xag Network and Younique Wealth. Choose the best MLM that suit your needs, profile,  personality and preferences.

If you are a big fan of commemorative coin collection, a hobbyist, or purely an investor looking for a hot vehicle, or even a work-from-home marketer who’s looking for a unique product in an unsaturated market, these companies are worth investigating.

In Conclusion

While we are not wishing to go back to the ancient system of using Silver coins and Gold coins for day-to-day business transactions, we cannot however ignore the fact that silver and gold continues to affect the world’s economy very prominently. And for us, that means Numismatics or the gold and silver coins collecting, provides a unique online home-based opportunity that can provide a good income and can be a good investment option too while having fun at the same time.


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