Government Matching questions? 10 points?

This is not graded, it is just an assignment. Don’t tell me to do my own homework. 10 points go out to those who help =)


1. Just as government makes the rules providing for safety, it must
2. Early goldsmiths made ornaments of jewelry and
3. Money made by unauthorized persons is called
4. In addition to coins, the government prints paper bills
5. America had no banks such as we have today until
6. The first bank of America was chartered by
7. More business is done with
8. A company may transact business that involves
9. People accept checks because they know
10. A check can be cashed only after it is endorsed, or signed, by
11. One of the important functions of a bank is that of
12. A spoken contract has the disadvantage of being no better than
13. A deed is a form of written document by which one person
14. Some states require a bill of sale to be given when
15. Written permission to sell property to pay a debt is known as


A. serious losses of property may be avoided.
B. generally perform services under contract.
C. they can take them to a bank and get money for them.
D. the person to whom it is made payable.
E. lending money to business firms.
F. the memories and honesty of the parties concerned.
G. the state of Pennsylvania on application of Robert Morris.
H. checks than with actual money.
I. make and enforce rules for conducting business.
J. served as the first "bankers" by storing and lending money.
K. after the Revolutionary War.
L. or certificates, which are commonly called paper money.
M. counterfeit, and prison sentences await counterfeiters.
N. millions of dollars a year and never handle large sums of money.
O. a mortgage.
P. automobiles, branded livestock, and certain other kinds of property are sold.
Q. transfers the ownership of lands and buildings to another.

PLEASE HELP ME! I have SO much on my plate right now. I don’t need to deal with this un graded assignment.

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