How many people think that I speak logically and with reason and proof?

You’re not gonna find this information anywhere else.You’ll find some really important information here as well.I try to speak logically and with reason and I expect logical answers without any prejudice.
I believe that if you spend 10 minutes reading this essay, you will be better informed than if you listen to a lifetime’s worth of Major Media news. This article has two parts:
1. Cultural and general info
2. Political info.
Note: I’ve explained everything.Any answers before reading the whole thing will prove to be wrong.
Hi. I’m a 19 Iranian who has spent his life in Iran.I study English.When I chat with people from other countries, I am shocked to see how totally wrong their ideas are about Iran. I wrote this article in an attempt to help correct those ideas.
The first thing America, and the West in general, accuses our government of is that we don’t allow personal freedoms. Actually, Iranians disobey laws they don’t like as much as anyone.There are only a few restrictions.It’s cool over here. People here do whatever they wish to! Many strict rules in other countries don’t even exist in Iran. Also, you should understand that what may seem so normal to you, may be a nightmare for us and vise versa.Some of Iran’s laws are based on OUR culture. You look at our country from "your own point of view"! In Iran every single house has a sattelite dish. Sattelite television has a serious influence on our people, and Iranians wear very fashionable clothing. Maybe it is a kind of imitation, but we still have our own unique Iranian style. A visitor might wonder if this is a country or a fantasy pageant of beauty queens! Almost women wear half their their hair out, and make-up and fashionable clothing are everywhere.I ignore a few fuddy-duddies though!
You would be surprised to see the difference between what you imagine and what Iran really is!
In my view, everything is great, if you ignore unemployment, inflation and air pollution. Also, you can’t compare Iran today with the Iran you remember. The Shah and the Iatollah Khomini are both some 30 years in the past! 70% of Iran’s population is a new generation (Under age 30) without the biases of the past and we’ve transformed everything.
Ever heard Iranian girls are terrific?I’ve collected some photos showing Iranian girls! Look! Poeple are like this! Enough proof?
Some people think women don’t have any rights in Iran. But in my view, women are overrunning the place. They’re very respectful, and they’ve been the winners in so many cases: They get into the best universities because they’re very smart. And they get the best jobs because they can do so many of them better than men. They’ve got Islamic rights, and that has in some cases made it difficult for men to marry them, because husbands are supposed to buy them expensive things and treat them very well, otherwise women have the right to ask a great amount of money (called Mehr) according to the law, which most husbands cannot afford, so men will be imprisoned.The only thing that women are not allowed to do in Iran is getting into public football stadiums and that’s because such places are full of cheeky guys. They do anything from taking part in rallies to singing pop songs.Anything! I’ve put a sample here.
Another funny thing: Your footage about stoning the women who have committed adultery. Have you ever asked yourselves how many years ago that footage related to? Are they balck and white or colourful? But in one case (related to many years ago) the thing that had happened was incest not adultery. Most of those footages are from Afghanistan which was ruled by freaks (Taliban). What exactly makes you think women are treated differently?The way they were/are treated in Saudi Arabia? Try to think of the racism in your country too. Each country has its own problems.
Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan are ——— SEPERATE COUNTRIES! ——— Even within Iran, 60% of us are Persian and 30% are Turkish! Iran is a normal country like any other in the world. The Media are very good at creating really scary stuff: "IRAN BEHIND THE CLOSED DOORS!!!" "IRAN UNDERCOVER!!!" Some of that garbage would be enough to scare ME away! But in truth, Iranians are far more open-minded than you have been led to believe.
There are lots of Iranians today who are geniuses and scientists, and are all under age 25. For instance a 17 year old boy has invented 72 amazing inventions. Every year a special scientific compeition is held here and students assemble to show off hundreds of inventions. Iranian students and sportsmen win gold and silver medals in different competitions in the world all the time, in robotics, biology, maths, physics, sports, anything! Why don’t the Media talk about them? Please don’t summarize our nation and culture with the single word "nuclear". Although we’re proud of this achievement because we believe that having nuclear energy means that a country is developed.Did you know that the countries having the highest number of scientists in the world are in this order? 1-India 2-Korea 3-Iran

A few months ago Iran uncovered the most effective anti-H.I.V medicine. I searched for news of that on the internet, but there was no single sign of it.Now, I found it among the English news: "The medicine is produced from herbs using nano technology" The link to read about it is:
The Media are unjust. They never talk about facts!
Some interesting facts:
Iran is a pioneer in medicine and genetics, and Iranian surgeons have found lots of new methods for treating spinal defects, and many diseases (mainly the treatment for different types of cancer) and the best brain and heart surgeons are Iranian. The head of the Mars Mission in NASA is Iranian. One of the best designers of sports cars working in Germany is Iranian. Some of the best 3D animators are Iranian. Iran is one of the best countries in counter-engineering. Holds the second place in building dams and in loads of other things! It’s one of the top countries in bio-technology and nano-technology. The 4th highest tower in the world (Milad tower) is in Tehran (visit it at this link from wikipedia: ). 51 of the top 100 universities in the Mid-East are in Iran, and they’re among the top universities of the world as well. The champion weight-lifter, a woman the nobel peace prize are Iranian. The 6th top movie director in the world is Iranian.(Abbas Kiarostami),12102,1084266,00.html
Iranian Director’s Film Wins Spanish Festival Top Prize - VOA News (September 25, 2004) These are just small samples.I can’t put every news about Iran here.Then you should visit press TV website.
Iranian girls are famous for being terrific. We have Persian rugs and Persian literature, many Persian poets, artists and scientists that are world famous. Iranian culture is now westernized and only a little of the ancient culture has survived. According to statistics Tehran is the cheapest capital city in the world (one Dollar =about 950 Tomans! For example you can buy windows vista for 1 Dollar here instead of 700 Dollars!!!wow!) There are many other things. How many pages would you need to describe a country? Iran has nearly all the industries and technologies found in ‘developed’ countries. Oh, and we have four seasons! We get a lot of snow and there are skating rinks! lol The list is endless.

I’m gonna introduce Iran’s international news website to you (Press TV) which was established recently. It’s fully in English. In the "Sic / Tech" section you’ll always see Iran’s discoveries. The address is: Press TV news: Iranian scientists have registered more than 4800 inventions during the last Iranian calendar year of 1385 (April 21 2006-April 20, 2007). 4800 inventions in just one year!
The list of highly-respected Iranian scientists in the world:
The list of notable Iranian figures and pioneers:
An extract: Iranian medical community is a significant part of medical community in US and Europe
Enough evidence?

Some people think Iran is a desert! Well, it is, if you consider California a desert. We share the same latitude. Iran is a modern country with breathtakingly beautiful nature and lots of historic places to visit. Please take a look at the following links to see if Iran looks like what you think or not! This is a photo of Tehran (Awesome, Isn’t it?):

If you like you can visit these too, hundreds of pretty photos from the cities, nature and historic places: (It’s like a free tour!)

Some people think music is forbidden in Iran. "Music of Iran and Iranian musicians have received countless awards in the course of history. Every year from 1977 to 2007.Evidence?
I send Iranian music to my American and Canadian chat friends and they all say they’re some of the best songs they’ve ever heard.
Here’s a sample of the latest hits from two official Iranian music websites.You can just right click on the links below and choose "Save Target As" to download them.I guess you’ll fall for it! Iranian music is just modern pop and the best sort of it.
1.(You know this: 2007)
2.(Hold my hand: 2007)
3.(The wetness of your eyes: 2006)
4.(I just want you: 2003)
5.(The rain: 2007)
6.(The window: 2005)
7.(Keep me in your memory: 2005)
8.(Farangis "A female name" 2007)
9.(The distance: 2007)
10.(Sunrise: 2007)
11.(Stop world:2006)
12.(You can’t: 2007)

And so on and on!

It’s now 2007 and most people still think we are uneducated people living in deserts, riding camels!
Let’s clarify some political issues as well: Some of the Americans think that president Ahmadinejad hates the U.S and Israel and wants to nuke them!! The Media are good at putting lying comments out there. I really don’t get the point why our politicians defame themselves by talking about things that have got nothing to do with us. The thing is that they occasionally make some statements that the media would make them controversial topics to interest its viewers! For example they pick up some specific phrases of a long speech (without refering to the main points and reasons for that speech) and put so many bad comments on that.
First of all, Iranians don’t hate anyone. If our government complains about some injustice going on in the world, it’s not bad, is it? (Although what we want from them is to shut up and not get us into trouble by talking about things that are none of our concern) We hate neither Jews nor Americans. How would our guys dream of America, want to be like them as much as possible, and hate them at the same time?! SECRET: Iranians are the only people in the Mid-East that are pro-American! Being agaisnt the U.S policies is a different story!I’ve got to say that for Iran, Israel is not equal with Jews! Israel is a gov’t. Jews are faithful people! A few of them live here in our neighbourhood and they live just like the rest of Iranians. (20,000 Jews and lots of Christians live here! Iran’s different!) And two of Iran’s parliment members are Jews. Who says we want to force others to convert to Islam? Have you ever found a Muslim knocking at your door asking you to do so?
Christians and Jews are both God-believers and respectful to us. In Iran, religion is one of the least important factors. Where you come from and what your religion is are not important to us at all.
I wonder who Iran is really a threat to. Is it logical to say someone’s guilty because we THINK / PREDICT that he’s going to do something wrong? And they repeat the same "nuclear weapons" tosh over and over and brainwash people! Correction! It’s "nuclear energy". Besides, how many "nuclear weapons" do they have themselves? Hundreds of thousands? Has Iran ever attacked any countries? No. Has it developed any nukes? No! That’s what nuclear agency says. Only Iran’s opponents are pulling Iran’s leg and what they say is just based on political conflicts. What we’re doing is legal. Iran is a peaceful country. Why? It’s the regional super-power and if she wanted, she could easily invade the countries in our neibourhood just like what Saddam did to our country, but as you see Iran has peaceful relations with all of them.
Some people say he said: Israel should be wiped off the map! the thing is that he exactly said: "The Imam "Khomeyni" said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time."They’ve only told you this phrase not the whole thing and it’s mistranslated intentionally. Besides, they’ve been saying such things for a long time.It’s their habit.Here’s an article."Wiped off the map….The roumor of the century.Read how the media and the U.S newspapers have twisted it into a controvertioal topic.
Now you see that you were wrong.Iran has always defended itself, but it’s not an offensive country.

Some say he’s said: "The Holocaust is a myth!" Again, this is a single phrase taken from a long speech and there are totally logical reasons for saying so. If 6,000,000 Jews were killed, that’s terrible, but 300,000 Shiite Moslems killed by Saddam aren’t important at all? Over 650,000 Iraqi people are killed and that’s not important?! When Fox News simply says that America and Israel are capable of destroying and killing Iran’s population of 69,000,000 within two weeks, it’s OK and no one says they’re threatening other countries to nuke them (I saw this with my own eyes on the Fox News website) Millions of people killed in Afghanistan, Hiroshima & Nagasaki and the Vietnam war are not considered human beings at all! Now I think you’d get the point why he’s IRONICALLY said it’s a myth. Moreover, don’t you believe in freedom of speech/mind? I’d judge people by their ACTIONS rather than by what they say / their religion / race / culture and the colour of their skin!

Some countries are using Iran as a scapegoat to put the blame (for their own faults) on.
This part is just for Americans:
Those of you who say why Iran says "Death to America":
1. ‘America’ to us means the U.S govt, not the people. How do you expect Iranians to mean "American people" when our media admires Americans for marching and holding up "no war" placards?!
2. The new generation don’t say such things and if some of them occasionally march in the streets that’s because some of the stupid guys enjoy making noise and they mainly go out there to meet their girlfriends/boyfriends! Strange. Isn’t it?
3. Such mottos are not just said in Iran and as you know whatever you hear is a response to the U.S govt’s terrible actions which has made life for many people hell (You wouldn’t deny that attacking countries is a mistake. Would you?)
4. The U.S gov’t helped Saddam attack Iran and I hope you know which country gave Iraq biological weapons which killed a million Iranians.
5. America hit an Iranian airplane over the Persian Gulf and killed 200 passengers for no reason.
6. America places sanctions on Iran, promotes a false image of Iran and Iranians, scares tourists away, and harms our economy, development and credit. To what purpose?

When you call Ahmadinejad a nutcase for what he’s said, what do you call Bush for his actions? If you open your eyes, it’s c;ear who is dangerous.I mean it’s a good idea to consider what Bush is doing to the world with his wrong decisions and lies. Bush is powerful and influencial, but Ahmadinejad is nothing.He’s even failed to control the inflation.
To those who are upset with American hostages taken for 444 days:
1. Firstly, It’s related to so many years ago and it’s almost a part of history, and don’t forget that when there’s a revolution, there’d be chaos and people may do things that they should not, moreover they’re all alive and healthy. Aren’t they?
2.The U.S has arrested Iranian diplomats in Iraq and had tortured the one who was freed. Now you decide who has the right to be upset with whom. How do you believe in their lies about politics when they hide both the most and the least important things from you considering the fact that politics is the world of lies in its nature?!!!
Final word: "Don’t accuse Iran of something it hasn’t done.Neither has it developed nukes nor does it want to invade anywhere.Currently, the world sees who is ivading other countries.One needs to clean his own closet before thinking about cleaning others’.Agree?"
If you’re too stubborn to stick to your groundless theory of attacking Israel, I’ll tell you our logical theory: "The moment that Iran attacks Israel, Iran will be wiped off the face of the earth by the U.S and its allies.(Thought this twisted phrase is familiar to you) and Iran is far more logic than doing such a stupid thing" I’m quite sure you know that all the events and lies in the world are a part of a pre-planned scenario by major world-powers (Iran as an important country has always been a part of their plans)And the first step is to brainwash people.They excactly know what will happen even 50 years later! I think Iraq is such a good example.Attacking it with the excuse of removing Seddam while they’d put Seddam there themselves and had supported him for years! The same is true with Al Qaida if you do some research! But in this particular case Iran and the U.S were co-operating in fighting the terrorists in Afghanistan.
One more thing: When we think of the U.S, we think of its greatness and its countless "positive points" not its president.When you think of other countries, you think of their presidents or a nation as a whole?! No gov’t in the world is representative for its people.Try to judge everyone righteously not just by a few things that you find as "negative points".
Isn’t it better for both countries to forget past conflicts and to have peaceful relations? Our two gov’ts are like 10 year old children playing a stupid, harsh, rhetorical game. They don’t care about hurting people’s feelings. They just try to make our two peoples enemies to achieve their own goals. We, as the people of these countries, MUST NOT allow these conflics into our hearts. Now, what do you think? You’ll have elections soon and we’ll have one in 2009.You just vote for a Democrate and we’ll find someone who’d get along with the U.S (Our former pres is a nice bet).Deal?No matter how much they hide this fact, but if Iran and the U.S co-operate with each other, not only the Mid-East crises will be solved but also it’ll have a great positive impact on the world.I can’t wait to see both nations in peace. It’d be marvelous!
Thanks for your time

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