How much $$ can I get for my old money collection?

Here is what I have in my collection:
-1881 S Morgan Dollar
-1882 S Morgan Dollar
-1882 O Morgan Dollar
-1884 O Morgan Dollar
-1887 Morgan Dollar
-Wheat Back Pennies- 1950;1946;1951;1958;1956 (2)
-Indian Head (Buffalo) Nickels- 1936;1928; (other 2, you cant see the dates); + a reg. nickel from 1942
-Silver Dimes (all dates are silver)- 1954;1964;1954;1964;1964;1957;1947;1959;1964;1957;1962;1954;1964; and a Canadian dime from 1962
-Silver Half Dollars (all dates are silver)- 1968;1968;1967;1968;1967;1966;1964
-Quarters- 1964 silver washington quarter; 2005 Oregon "silver" quarter (its made from silver, not the normal stuff); and 1942 washington quarter
-Eisenhower Dollars- 1976;1976;1972;1971;1976;1974;1972;1974;1972;1971;1976
- Susan B. Anthony coins- 1979 (6) ; 1999

1953 Silver Certificate (Blue Seal)- (3)
1957 Silver Certificate (Blue Seal)
1963 Federal Reserve Note (Green Seal)
1963 United States Notes (Red Seal)
1963 United States Notes (Orange Seal)

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