How much money will I need to live in Seoul, South Korea ?

I’m currently 17 and have been saving up money since I was about 10 to go to South Korea once I turn 20.
I made about 8000 (canadian) dollars by family ( Huuge family timeline. I get a money from each division in my family each birthday. No, i’m not spoiled ; I’ve just been saving up for so many years, no my family isn’t rich either. )
I’ve also made about 1000 dollars since last year from doing other things such as odd jobs, working at stores, etc.

-9000 Canadian dollars then.

q1 Part 1. Can someone convert 9000 canadian dollars into won currency please ?
q1 Part 2. ^Would I be considered ”poor”^ with that amount of Won ?

q2. How much won is usually needed to live in Seoul, South Korea ?

Sorry if this was long. English is not my main language. I struggle at it :P

Thanks so much :D !
Edit to second question I asked ~ Per year .

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