I now know that the terrorists have won and the USA has lost. Want to know how I know?

When a simple coin, is regarded as an object of suspicion, THAT is when the terrorists have won.
America, you are now paranoid beyond reason.
Here is the story in case you missed it;


It’s making headlines here too but usually under the heading of "moronic americans think our poppy coin is some kind of spy technology. LOL aren’t you glad you’re a Canadian?"
That’s the kind of thing we’re talking about here in regards to this story.
And the saddest part is the americans don’t even recognize the poppy as our symbol of rememberance for our fallen soldiers. I guess the only way americans remember thier fallen soldiers is by raising the price of gasoline…
yeah a dumb marine grunt would of course have all the information at his fingertips huh? Heck most of them have trouble reading a comic book!
*rolls eyes*

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