In North America, could an NFL franchise survive outside the US?

The Bills have signed to play eight games in five years at the Jolly Roger Centre (and I offer that nickname to Chris Berman, free of charge) in Toronto…there seems to be a lot of fear that this is the equivalent of living together before marriage.

However, the Southern Ontario market is based on service and exports which are drying up thanks to the recent surge in value of the Canuck buck. As well were said buck to drop in value again, the Bills would be playing catch up simply on currency exchange (see issues with NHL teams in Canada). Realistically, currency issues would affect any other city whether Canadian or Mexican.

I will admit that, with the economy of the oil sands involved, I could see a team based in either Calgary or Edmonton working…but even there is a stretch.

With large US markets open in Los Angeles, San Antonio, and Sacramento…are Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary or any Mexican city really ready to host NFL franchises?
To Celtic Fan…Canadians and Mexicans are not really a "new group of people to the NFL". We’re not talking about taking the game to the far reaches of the Australian Outback or anything like that…