Intelligence test! (Very Fun!)?

What 8 ltr word -4 gives you nine?

How far can a dog run into the woods?

A plane crashed on the US/Canadian border. Where do you bury the survivors?

Jan & Bob Ewell had Tom and Sarah Ewell. Both were born on January 18, 1949. Born within minutes of eachother, with the same parents..they are not twins. How is this possible?

I have 2 U.S. Coins. One is not a nickel, but they = 30 cents in value. What is the value of each coin?

How many birthdays does the average man have?

I can’t remember the rest of the questions.

Have fun with it!
Oh, I remembered one more.

Henry’s mother, Catherine, had a total of 4 children. One she named Spring, the next Summer, the Next winter. What did she name the last one?
You guys keep on forgettin’ about the last one!


and the one about the twins…they have the SAME parents. and faternal twins are still twins. they are not divorced. they are the same parents. the same mother gave birth to both children.

I HAVE seen some correct answers. Keep up the good work!!!!
and yes, jan and bob are a couple.

i think only one person’s got it right.

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