Invest in Collectible Silver Coins and Bars Bullion: Buy Like 5 Dollar Silver Maple Leaf Coins

Invest in Collectible Silver Coins and Bars Bullion: Buy Like 5 Dollar Silver Maple Leaf Coins

Silver has captivated people like myself for over 6,000 years. Around 700 BC, Mesopotamians used precious metals like silver and gold as a medium of exchange. Many other civilizations also recognized the natural value of this silver as a trading metal.

In ancient Rome, the denarius was minted, which contained 1/7 oz of silver; and in Greece, the drachma was the coin of the realm, weighing 1/8 oz. The English “Sterling” was originally a certain weight of silver, and even in our time, denotes excellence.

Many human civilizations through history have valued silver, whether as household goods like candle sticks, jewellery, silver spoons and coin money.

Silver bullion is a high .999 % purity and a tradable form of silver. The silver industry produces bullion in the form of bars and coins. Bullion is priced based on the spot price value of the metal, plus a minting fee. Most of the time, big bars have little collector value because it is bought and hoarded for the silver content. On the other hand, bullion coins in resent years, like the 5 dollar silver maple leaf coin, have started to have collector value, in the rarity of the number of coins minted in some years. Any coin is collectible if you enjoy the items you collect. If that be silver bars with odd sizes, different companies logos, or odd numbers. Collecting can be fun, if you the enjoy the thrill of the hunt.  This makes your silver hoard stockpile more enjoyable.  

Silver bullion is a popular investment from 1,000 oz bars to the Canadian 1 oz 5 dollar silver maple leaf coin. They can be stored for safe keeping, or an investor can leave it to his heirs. Silver bullion coins and bars typically are measured in troy ounces. When bullion is stamped .999 pure, its weight and purity is guaranteed by that mint. If you buy one troy ounce bar or like the silver 5 dollar maple leaf coin, you will get one troy ounce of pure silver.

Larger denominations are also available, such as 5 troy ounces, 10 troy ounce rectangular bars, all the way up to over 1000 ounces. No matter what size bars or coins you purchase, you can be assured that the weight and silver content is reliable. Having the weight stamped assures the purchaser that if he ever decides to sell the bullion, he will receive roughly that weight times the spot price of silver in cash.

You can invest in silver bullion along with your stocks. The peace of mind that comes from something stored away for as long as a person wants with no risk of losses (as happens sometimes with stocks) is appealing.

There is something about being able to hold silver maple leaf coins and bars in one’s hand. That is desirable in these uncertain times. Stock certificates don’t shine like silver, so investing in silver bullion coins and bars holds a special appeal. This is one of the reasons silver is prized as an adornment the world over as well.

Silver commemorative coins and medallions that mark special occasions and events during the lifetime of the owner have sentimental value, as well as monetary value. Their value as historical pieces increases as does their value as precious metals. To find these kinds of items, it may be necessary to seek out specialty dealers who specialize in commemoratives and collectibles. These are an often overlooked avenue of investment potential.

Investing in bullion bars and coins is the obvious answer for anyone who would prefer to store their silver in a safe deposit box or a safe at home. Paper money has never been a very good safe haven because inflation eats up its value. Precious metals, such as a 5 dollar  maple leaf silver coins and bars almost always outpace inflation and devaluation of paper money.

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