Investing in Gold - 21 Unique Facts About the Chinese Panda Gold Coin

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Investing in Gold - 21 Unique Facts About the Chinese Panda Gold Coin

Featuring an adorable image of a Panda bear, the Chinese Panda Gold Coin has become one of the most sought after gold bullion coins. Here are twenty-one facts about this unique premium gold bullion coin.

1. The Chinese Panda coin was first issued in 1982, as a limited-edition gold bullion coin.

2. Each coin features a cute Panda bear on the obtuse side of the coin.

3. The 2008 Panda coin is the 26th different design in the series, featuring an adult Panda and a cub munching on some bamboo stalks.

4. The gold Panda design was changed every year through 2000.

5. The Chinese government invoked a freeze on the design in 2001.

6. Only the 2001 and 2002 issues feature the same design, however.

7. The freeze was lifted in 1983 in response to demand by collectors of the coin.

8. Four different sizes of coins were issued the first year - 1/10 ounce, ¼ ounce, ½ ounce and 1 full troy ounce size.

9. The Chinese mint added a 1/20th ounce size coin in 1983.

10. The larger sized 5 troy ounce and 10 troy ounce coins were added in 1986.

11. The Chinese gold panda coin is only one of few gold coins issued worldwide in this size.

12. The coins have a purity of .999 gold.

13. The coins are not technically proof but a ‘proof-like’ brilliant uncirculated condition.

14. Proof sets were issued in 1986 through 1995. These proof sets command a much higher premium because of their limited issue and scarcity.

15. The Panda coins have a much smaller mintage, compared to other gold bullion coins such as the American Eagle, and Canadian Maple Leaf.

16. The earlier dated Pandas, in particular, have a very small mintage. The mintage of the 1982 one troy ounce Panda coin had a mintage of under 14,000.

17. 289,000 is largest mintage of any one troy ounce Panda coin.

18. In 1987, China issued the gold Pandas with two different mint marks - Y and S. A third mint mark was issued for the boxed proof set.

19. Additional commemorative issues of Panda gold coins were issued and distributed at coin conventions.

20. Ownership of the gold Panda coin was prohibited in China until 2004.

21. Panda coin jewelry is very popular. The one troy ounce coins are commonly used for necklace mountings. The smaller sized Pandas are used to create earrings, bracelets and pendants.

As you can see, the Chinese Panda gold coin is truly an exquisite, rare, fine bullion coin that every gold collector would be proud to own!

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