Is Ebay Corrupt? Im inclined to think so!?

I posted this to Ebay’s Trust and Safety after our Coin Forgery Group’s failure to get Ebay to make it a safe trading environment as is their mandate. This is just one instance out of literally thousands where Ebay’s greed has set a new low!
Im a member of the Ebay Coin Forgery Group. We have reported many listings to the Coin Community Watch (CCW) and have been successful in removing many seller’s "counterfeit" or "altered" items in the past.
A classic case in point is recently we reported one U.S. seller "embosed" items; 160494639309, 350404822991, 160494679633, 160494673873, 350404814749.
Ebay removed one of the five items, Item 160494639309, and the seller himself removed Item 350404814749 early. The other three coins were not touched by Ebay and two of them sold for a large amount of money.
We have reported this seller "embosed" items on numerous occasions and we KNOW without a doubt that all of these coins were counterfeits except for Item 160494639309, which was declared an "altered date".
Every time this seller sells Counterfeit and Altered coins for big money he makes his feedback private so that the group cant see who his buyers are!
Every time Ebay has removed items, no sanctions are put on the sellers account, or they get a momentary "slap on the hand"! In the case of "embosed" (Eldritch Yap) he maintains his Power Seller and Top Rated status despite having been caught cold by our group time after time!
We have proven that "embosed" is AKA "blazingluster" (formerly chunli_1975) and also know of at least one other shill bidder "bogsii" that he uses, and still Ebay allows this criminal and many like him to continue their illegal pratices…..simply because they make Ebay MONEY!
I personally feel that Ebay is no longer concerned with making the Ebay Market Place a SAFE trading environment, and especially in these times of rec cession we feel Ebay isn’t following their mandate to make Ebay a safe buying environment! Ebay’s greed has gotten the better of them!
Check out our group’s postings and see that I am not the only one who feels this way!
I’m so fed up with Ebay’s inaction, that the only option for me now is to try to bring this situation into more light and out into public view. Im making a copy of this letter and will post on YAHOO Questions and Answers and I will forward it to every politician I can via
You are the MORON Dr Phil.

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