Is it legal to make your own currency?

I saw something a while back on TLC, Discovery, or The History Channel on currency and heard them say that you are legally allowed to make your own currency, but it is up to the place you try to use it at to actually accept it or not. I have a friend, however, who says he saw something on one of the same channels stating that you can not make your own currency. If anyone has an answer, can you leave me a link to some solid evidence.

OK, this is my second post because I didn’t phrase it best the first time. What I mean is to create my own currency not copy the american dollar, since that is counterfeiting and highly illegal. Example: I make a coin named the whatchamacallit that bares no resemblance to any US coin and take it to a mom and pop store to buy a soda. They ring up the soda and say that’ll be .19. Then I say how about I give you 1 whatchamacallit instead. If they accept it, then my 1 whatchamacallit is equal to .19 US dollars there.

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