Is the US more or less dangerous broke ?

US foreign policy has been aggressive

Afghanistan is still a concern

Raids on Pakistani soil have caused outrage -

Arguments with Russia over who started a Georgian conflict that has seen Russian American relationships plummet to all time cold war era lows

Venezuela rightly of wrongly fears a US invasion or overthrow as does Bolivia - both of whom have expelled US diplomats


No matter your political affiliation no matter who you are the US has taken on a lot of aggressive foreign policy objectives in the last 8 years under Bush


The US is now facing financial problems - This is the first time in memory that a President has needed mass tax dollars to bail out Wall St

Banks have failed - insurance companies have failed the manufacturing base is shrinking the dollar is still really low compared to the new currency the Euro

The US dollar still hovers at parity with the Canadian dollar - something that has not been seen in 30 years

Oil that was 30 dollars a barrel in now about 100 or more


Does the current problems of the US in reguards to economic woes that seem to be getting worse not better likely to make the US more warlike or less warlike

If the US goes into a tail spin collapse are they more likely to blame someone and start world war 3 or

Will they accept a collapse and restructure as the former Soviet Union did and the Empire of Britain

Or as soon as they can’t dictate to the world they just let nukes fly ?

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