Is this a good resume for a position at a book store?

I’m 15, looking for a seasonal job. It’s entry level, and I’ve never had a job before. I already included my contact info but I won’t include it in the resume below. Tips and suggestions are appreciated!


A part-time, seasonal position


Completed up to grade eight at Duke of Connaught Junior and Senior Public School
Currently in grade ten at Riverdale Collegiate Institute
Honour Roll - 2009 - 2010

Volunteer Experience

Organized and prepared for school and library events including the Youth Advisory Group (YAG)
Served as a cashier at a school book fair
Volunteered at the literacy mural during Word on the Street in 2009
Prepared snacks for classes in elementary school
Participated in the 2009 ’Shaw Rocket Fund’, a media literacy program

Awards and Acknowledgements

Top student in elementary school
Certificates for academic achievements and subjects
Completion of school events involving financial matters


Able to communicate with patrons efficiently
Knowledgeable in Microsoft programs such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel

Interests and Activities

Exploring downtown
Coin collecting
Going out and shopping or spending time with friends
The resume is in Times New Roman. Would it be okay to change to something fun like calibri? Should I include a cover letter as well?

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