Joke I heard… you think it's funny or not?

guy told me this joke and i had to pretend to laugh…. i don’t know if it has to do with my sexuality…


Little boy goes up to a little girl and says.

“Ill bet I got something you don’t have”, And he produces a shiny new Nickle.

The little girl thinks for a bit, then pulls out a dime.

“So what”, she said. “With one of these, I can get Two of those”.

Little boy thinks for a bit, reaches into his pocket and brings out a Quarter.

“I’ll bet you havent got one of these.” he said with confidence.

Little girl produces a Loonie. (1$canadian coin )

“So what”, she said. “With one of these, I can get four of those”

little boy thinks again, then pulls down his pants, and confidently points to his privates.

“I’ll bet you havent got one of these”

Little girl thinks for a bit, then lifts up her dress points to her privates, and says.

“So what, with one of these, I can get as many of those as I want”
ah… i don’t know, i find it sort of dumb, and the guy who told it to me was straight. since it’s a sexual joke, i wanted to see the homosexuals opinions. and yes, i am homosexual.

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