Just a few trick questions…?

1.Which is correct: 8 and 8 are 15, or 8 and 8 is 15?

2.There are two Canadian coins that total 55 cents. One of the coins is not a nickel. What are the two coins?

3. What is the minimum number of active baseball players on the field during any part of an inning? How many outs in an inning?

4. How much dirt may be removed from a hole that is 1 m deep, 70 cm wide, and 5 m long?

5.If your bedroom were pitch dark and you needed a matching pair of socks, how many socks will you need to take out of the dresser if there are 25 white and 25 blue?

6. If it takes 20 women, 10 days to dig a hole, how long will it take 5 women to dig half a hole?

7.you prefer, a truckload of nickels or half a truckload of dimes?

8.A monkey at the bottom of well tries to climb out. Each day he jumps up three feet and slips back two. At that rate, when will the monkey reach the top? Note: The well is ten feet deep.
Yes we do use nickels, I’ve got one right next to me haha.
I know they’re hard! I had some trouble too haha
Canada doesn’t have 50 cent pieces.

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