Mexico Real Estate – Top Retirement Lifestyle Choice for Canadians

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Mexico Real Estate – Top Retirement Lifestyle Choice for Canadians

A Mexico Retirement for Canadians includes one of the most important factors to consider in your retirement; lifestyle. While budget and cost of day to day life are also a very important factor, the strong Canadian dollar, and continued price reductions in Mexico Real Estate make Mexico Retirement the perfect choice for the budget side of things. Yet, just as much as money, when you choose your retirement location, lifestyle and level of comfort and convenience must be considered, and when you’re living in Mexico these items go happily hand in hand with the excellent budget choice it presents.

First of all, let’s quickly review why Mexico is an excellent option in terms of budget for Canadians who will soon be retiring. Anyone watching the Canadian dollar will know that it recently gained considerable strength on the U.S. dollar, hovering between 94 and 96 cents US. Since real estate for the international market is sold in U.S. dollars, this means Canadians currently have a lot more buying power than a year ago when the dollar was sitting around 80 cents U.S. This new buying power will mean either you can step up your luxury and comfort level one notch, or it means you can save a 10s of thousands dollars (or even 100s of thousands, depending on your budget) in your Mexico Real Estate purchase. Furthermore, as the recession is drawing to its end, Mexico properties are still being offered at reduced prices – but these might not last long. Someone who buys soon can also count on some savings on this side of things.

These funds you save in your property purchase will go a long way in your Mexico Retirement; the new strength of the Canadian dollar also means that your dollar is worth about 12 pesos – up significantly from the 8 pesos of only a few years back. Day to day products and life’s little luxuries tend to be noticeably cheaper here in Mexico already, and now with the strength of the Canadian dollar, and the extra savings from buying your property in Mexico, this means budget can be stroked off the list of your worries for retirement.

One Canadian retirement planning expert mentioned that budget is usually not a the most significant item people are troubled by during their retirement; people who plan well will be able to live on a budget correlating to their pre-retirement lifestyle. With a broad range of property prices, and a very affordable cost of life, the option of Mexico real estate makes this even more true. So what is the most significant factor? Lifestyle. The same expert said that most people dissatisfied about their retirement feel they are not “engaged,” or they don’t have the structure or social life they’re used to.

Retiring in Mexico not only means a more affordable life, but means a lifestyle that leaves many options open, including quiet relaxation, socializing, events, activities and travel. Mexico’s key retirement destinations, such as Lake Chapala, Puerto Vallarta and Playa del Carmen, to name only a few, have a wide range of restaurants and shopping centres, as well as tennis courts and golf courses. There are also many community events such as Jazz Festivals and art shows – Mexican and international, traditional and modern. These are only a small sample of events, and each community has its own style, offering many more options for many tastes.

Also, the top real estate destinations in Mexico are home to thousands of North Americans, often with a large portion of Canadians; of these many are retirees. While it is definitely interesting and very possible to get to know the locals, sometimes it’s nice to be around people from back home. Both sides of this coin are easily found in these communities, where you´ll have neighbours from Dallas, Texas, Mexico City, Calgary, Guadalajara, New York, Vancouver, and many other places. The expat communities tend to be very active with social clubs, and many times opening branches of clubs from back home. They also plan many activities for day to day entertainment, such as getting together for cards, or bigger events such as Thanks Giving.

Part of the reason for these large Canadian and American retirement communities is the fact that you are never far from home. International airports are almost always less than an hour away, and offer regular flights to all major Canadian cities, usually direct flights. The cost of these flights are not significantly more than a flight across Canada, making visits back home easy, or friends and family can come and enjoy your beachfront lifestyle with you on vacations. While there be plenty of new friends to be made, retiring in Mexico doesn’t eliminate your contact with friends and family back home. In fact, when people see how you’re living in Mexico, you might get more visitors than you want!

Air and highway travel have greatly improved in Mexico in recent decades, and in addition to easy access to Canada, it also easy and enjoyable to visit other locations in Mexico, getting to know Mexico’s rich history and culture.

Of course, in terms of lifestyle, you can’t overlook the fact that retirement is more pleasant with warm weather all year round – you’ve already put up with too many Canadian winters! Health care has also seen significant advances in Mexico, and is now at an international level of professionalism with excellent, state of the art equipment. Many health care institutions have doctors and nurses who speak English. While you do have to pay for health care here, it is considerably cheaper than the warm destinations some Canadian retirees consider in the U.S., and it doesn’t have Canadian waiting lines. It’s fast, modern, professional and, although not free, very affordable.

While a Mexico retirement takes care of our budget needs, it also provides a top-notch retirement lifestyle, both in terms of events and activities, and being around other retired Canadians and Americans, and in close contact friends and family. If lifestyle is the most important factor, as experts suggest, Mexico real estate becomes even a better option.

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