Possible Australian 5 cent coin mint mistake?

I have a 5 cent piece that is the same size and weight as an old one cent piece. It weighs exactly 2.58 grams and it’s diameter is about 17.5mm..
The weight is exact, but the measurement was taken with an ordinary ruler, so it’s as close as I could get.
It has no serrations on the sides and the echidna is also only just fitting into the coin, it’s little feet are touching the edges and it’s head is touching the top of the coin with almost none of the top of it’s head or it’s spikes showing.
The script is also squished right up against the edges of the coin and is distorted…sorta elongated and all kinda flattened out.
The coin itself isn’t distorted though, it’s not like it’s been left on the train tracks or anything like that, lol. The writing is actually stamped right onto the lip of the coin, giving it an almost bent appearance, and the lower bit looks flattened.
I think the metal is wrong as well. It’s not silver looking like it should be, it has a flat kinda brassy look to it.
I know no one’s gonna go to the effort of making counterfeit 5 cent pieces, lol, so any ideas, is this a mint mistake?
Hey darl, yeah, bring ‘em down, I’d love a sticky beak, hee hee:)
You left your lighter here too honey. xoxo
**Yeah, well, now I’ve collected it, lol.
BTW- Happy birthday for yesterday sweetie. Come over if you get bored or lonely ‘kay? xoxo

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