Regina - Oasis In The Canadian Prairies

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Regina - Oasis In The Canadian Prairies

Regina - man-made Oasis Actually has a close-by Desert

Regina stands out like an oasis in the middle of the Canadian prairie desert. The major city of the province of Saskatchewan has 180,000 of the province’s 968,000 residents. The other major towns on the Canadian prairies include Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, and Lloydminster have their attractions, but Regina appears unusually forested and green for a prairie town.

If you have never been to the prairies of the Great Northwest, it can be depicted as flat, very flat. Giant sky country is a term frequently coined for the prairies since you can see from horizon to horizon. The tallest things that might block your view are the few grain lifts that store the region’s major rural product - grain. You might wonder why settlers would come to this area of North America. In the last two centuries numerous states offered land and other inducements to draw folk from Ontario. Hungry for land they came to places like Saskatoon and Regina. Though population expansion is not as high as in oil rich Calgary and Edmonton, it is a widely held belief that the standard of life is higher in Saskatchewan. Many new residents are coming from Alberta.

Oil in Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan has usually been known for grain farming and potash production. What’s not famous is that Saskatchewan is second only to Alberta in oil production. Crude oil extraction occurs in the western and southern parts of the province and the economy is doing very well today. If smaller communities without the big old city issues is interesting to you, you may need to visit Regina and see if this could be a sensible choice for your next home. It is also a good vacation spot in the summer.

Early settlers to the area were forward thinking and set about planting lots of trees. Today there’s an approximate 300,000 trees within the town. Regina contains more than one hundred town parks including the Wascana Centre, a 2300 acre park where you’ll find Regina’s top attractions, including the Legislative Building, Conexux arts Centre, MacKenzie Art gallery, Royal Saskatchewan Museum, and Saskatchewan Science Centre. Wascana Lake is the biggest man made lake in Canada is a bird and wildlife sanctuary.

Downtown Regina

Downtown Regina is a 24-block area offering more that 700 retail shops, hostels, services, restaurants and other attractions. Victoria Square Mall offers lots of shopping and you’ll find Casino Regina an enjoyable night out. The town offers each cultural, sporting, and recreational opportunity you would expect in an important town yet without the big city Problems of congestion, crime, and rude behaviour. You can arrive here through the TransCanada highway or the Regina global airfield and you will find hotels close to the airport or downtown.

Rodeo, professional football, golfing, and walking and biking trails will supply masses of entertainment and leisure. There are 45 golf courses in the Regina area. Catch a coarse Riders soccer game if you’re in the town. The Canadian game is amusing to watch and Regina fans love their soccer team. They are perhaps the most eager fans of the Canadian football League.

Side trips from Regina include the Great Sand Hills near Saskatoon, which is a desert area of 750 square miles near the South Saskatchewan brook. It is an area of sand dunes that looks like any desert you might see in the US southwest or in the Middle East. Blackstrap mountain is another fascinating man made recreational area which offers downhill skiing in winter and trail biking in the summertime.

Canada’s prairie cities are growing in big leaps, and Regina could be the town of choice for living and a relaxing vacation.

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