Selling Unwanted Jewelry

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Selling Unwanted Jewelry

Sources of gold can include small amounts of scrap, old cell phones, computer motherboards and other scrap electronic circuit boards, broken and unwanted jewelry. 18 carat is more popular for jewelry because it has a 75 percent of precious metal and 25 percent other metals ratio, usually silver or copper or a mixture of both.

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In years gone by, people whose businesses flourished would take gold or silver coins to the local goldsmith who would melt them down and turn them into valuable objects. When times were harder those items would be taken to the local smelter, melted down, and turned back into coins.

This is precisely what happens at present with scrap consisting of old jewelry, coins, and other gold items - a jeweler will purchase the scrap, melt it down, and then use it to create something else. If you don’t have any idea about your jewelry then, get a good idea of the age of the item, and hopefully the maker by looking at the Hallmarks, which will tie it down accurately. There are various excellent websites that you can identify hallmarks with, and you could then examine the maker before selling.

However, if you are simply selling one or two gold coins then a buyer would most likely be your best option. Some coins are easier to trade than others. Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins, American Eagle and Sovereigns are always trendy with buyers and consequently very easy to sell. People always like to keep gold for various reasons. It is one of the best assets. People look to catch a good opportunity when the value of gold increases.

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The reasons for selling may vary also. Cashing for gold to recover funds for some reason such as paying bills, purchasing that car you have always wanted or taking benefit of the dramatic increase in gold worth. Investors have viewed U.S. Treasury debt as the world’s safest place to maintain money, forcing interest rates to record lows as they stuffed trillions into Treasuries. The gold market is insignificant in comparison. Yet, as present record shows, the gold market is very much alive and strong.


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