Start Your Child On A Coin Collecting Hobby

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Start Your Child On A Coin Collecting Hobby

Wondering what to give your child on his next birthday? Give him a gatefold spread that can accommodate up to 50 coins. He may not appreciate the coins, but telling him stories about the coin and how it was made can spark his interest. For each birthday give him the coins minted that year. His collection will grow and so will his interest and by that time, he will be an accomplished numismatist.

History Lessons and Saving Money

The ideal age to start a child on a coin collecting hobby is at six years old. Imagine the number of coins he can amass when he reaches adulthood! But there’s more than just introducing him to coin collecting. You can use this exercise to teach him how to save his pennies in a coin bank plus pique his interest in the country’s history when you start with local coins.

Since you may not have those very old and valuable coins dating back to the 1800s, get a book on coin collecting and show him the pictures of the coins. Add a story or two depicting the era that’ll make any child sit up and listen. Stories add value to the coin collecting hobby and expect your child to be an expert in historical epochs.

If someone gives your child a bag of coins, take out each coin and sort them. Teach your child how to do the sorting. As you go along, tell him a little history on each coin. Probably the bag of coins will yield recent mints so it won’t be hard for you to tell the coin’s story.

If you have saved all the coins circulating in the year of your child’s birth, that would be the best introduction to a lifelong of coin collecting for your child. Help him along with the collection. Learn the tricks yourself so you can teach your child how to collect, clean, and store the coins.

Starting the Hobby

For starters, get magazines on coin collecting, a pair of white gloves, magnifying glasses, and coin albums or folders. Start scouting for coins and learn all about the discontinued coins like the 1965 quarters, dimes, and half-dollars. Subscribe to coin collecting magazines and check out the websites on coin collecting. You’ll be amazed at the wealth of information you can collect and pass on to your child.

Using a magnifying glass to see the fine lines and the details of a coin is an exciting experience for a child. Make sure you are ready to give the information your child may need. Or if you don’t know the answer, you can make it your project to find out online.

Because this is just a starting point for you and your child, don’t buy expensive coins and if you find some dirty old coins, don’t attempt to clean it. Find out its composition and the appropriate way to clean it. You can get help from several websites specializing in coin collection.

Tips for Coin Hunting

This is not referring to a treasure hunt. You can do your hunting online. However, coin collecting is an expensive hobby if you want the rarer and more prized coins. In the meantime, make do with what is available and always get your hands on new mints. Tell your friends you’re helping your child start a coin collecting hobby but be prepared for the avalanche of coins that will start pouring in.

In the future, when he coin collecting bug bites you real hard, you’ll be running after a metal detector to clean out your yard and your grandfather’s house. The hobby meant for your child will be yours too.

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