Survey about Canada. How much do you know?

How much does the world know about Canada? I just finished watching the Rick Mercer special Talking to Americans and it left me slightly shocked. Below are some basic questions about Canada. Please answer than honestly and don’t google the answers. Full points to whoever gets them all right.
* warning there are trick questions.

1. What is the capital of Canada?

2. How many states does Canada have? Please list them.

3. Does Canada have a President or Prime Minister? Please give the name.

4. What are the capitals of all the states of Canada?

5. Does Canada really have penguins and polar bears?

6. What are Canadians most known for?

7. What is Canada’s national sport?

8. Is Canada a biligual or a trilingual country? Name the languages they speak.

9. What is Canada’s national animal?

10. What is the population of Canada

11. a) Which is bigger geographically Canada or the US?
b) Which is bigger geographically Canada or Russia?

12. What are the names of the Canada’s coins.

13. True or False most of Canada’s population is within a 100 km radius from the United States border?

14. Is it legal in Canada to shoot Canadian geese?

15. What are the major lakes of Canada?

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