The US is clearly an empty ship broke Do Americans understand this or are they in denial or …..?

The US is printing money — because they reached their borowing limit with foreign creditors

No more funding from China to bomb places — so they began printing money to continue wars and occupations

The world is now using and looking to further their use of any other currency but the US greenback

The list of social disturbances is endless as is the increasing bank rips off’s at the peoples expense

But do the Americans know any of this or are they in denial ? Or do they just deny the reality when a Canadian points it out ? — Or would they be in equal denial when an American such as Paul Craig Roberts points it out ?

10/25/09 - Are You Ready for the Next Crisis?


10/20/09 - US Joins Ranks Of Failed States


10/15/09 - The Rich Have Stolen the Economy


09/21/09 - The Economy is a Lie, too


09/13/09 - Health Care Deceit


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