Top 10 stupid questions Foreigners ask about your Nationality?

Not to rag on forgeiners. I just saw a similar skit but pertaining to British people and it was by Ricky Gervais. The humour in it inspired me to write about my own nationality. Please share.
My top 10 are:

10) What time is it in Canada?
9) Why do you have our Queen on your money? (British asker)
Why don’t you speak French?
7) You guys have cowboys? (asked by a person who lived in a Montana town literally 5 mins from the border).
6) Do Canadians have their own currency?
5) (Rhetorical told by a European) "I can’t visit you in Calgary because I have an annoying aunt in Toronto and she would be terribly upset I went to Canada and didn’t visit"
4) Do you guys have Wal-marts and McDonald’s up there?
3) Have you ever heard of football?
2) Do you know my Canadian friend?
1) Do you guys celebrate Easter? (Yes, this was actually asked)
@ Lakota Dream

I can sympathize with that. I was born and raised bordering a Siksika blackfoot reserve in Alberta…. it is disgusting how misinformed people are about Native people…. or even how ingorant they are about how diverse each Native nationality is.
@ Handyman

Actually over half of these questions were asked by non-Americans. I mean.. by no means am I insinuating there aren’t any ignorant Canadians out there. Most Americans I’ve met have been nice and reasonable…. actually if you took away the border between Montana and Alberta I don’t think you’d realize you’ve left one place and entered another.

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