What is Canada like compared to America?

I am 16 and im really considering leaving the U.S. We are headed into a recession, I cant go to college due to a very poor family and lack of athletic or acedemic prowess, issues with the current regime as i call it, and few other reasons. I live in Utah, United States. This state has extreme religious values and the primary religion (LDS) is seen by others as a cult. I am not religious at all I do not believe in God or Satan/Lucifer.
I am considering Canada for a number of reasons.
Cold whether all year in some areas which is a plus with my Siberian Husky.
A good healthcare system.
Canada tends to stay out of war for the most part.
Most Canadians I talk to on forums are friendly enough. Although they were mostly from Ontario and Toranto(sp?).
Canadas national anthem isn’t about war like ours, heh what does that say about america?

I should tell you what I’m like to see if i would fit in there.
I like video games, I support the legalization of recreational Cannabis, Hockey is my favorite sport, I love animals, I believe socialism has great potential, and I enjoy both cooking and tasting what others cook. Im not obese btw, im on the larger side but i weigh ~200LBs and can bench press about 260LBs.
I speak mediocre Spanish and tiny amounts of German.

I would like to know what would be different to me. I would like natural born canadians to tell me if i would fit in in Canada. I would like U.S. immigrants to tell me the differences between Canada and the U.S. such as laws, culture, what people are like, what foods aren’t in Canada, What is Canadas currency?

General questions would be: which regions are so called "French Canada"(I don’t speak it), what sort job opportunities exist, how long after US gets a game does it hit Canada?
Thank you in advance for your answers.
Hello? Somebody?

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