What is it worth?

I get so burned up when someone is dumb enougn to be asking that I just copied this from another answer. Make copies and answer these clowns who ask with it!! How much is __________ worth? I am not being a smart ass; I am trying to make a point. You cannot get appraisal by looking anything up in a book or web site. If you want an estimate of whatever it, you own Goggle it and look-up the stamp, coin, etc.

A friend of mine recently took as payment for valuable property an 1840 and 1871 Seating Liberty silver dollar. He asked a friend who looked them up on the net. After giving the indiviual the plasma television, he then rushed to the coin store to sale them. Too bad, they were counterfeit!

My mother bless her soul thought a 1960 Barbie was worth money. Which it would if it had not been played with, was in the original carton. Are you starting to see where I am going?

What I am trying to pleasantly trying to tell you is do not waste your time or the answerers here on Yahoo, take whatever it is you are questioning the worth to a professional and get an estimate. Trust me you will not get your hopes up only to be crushed, or ripped off by someone.