Cash For Gold By Selling Gold Coins

Cash For Gold By Selling Gold Coins

You don’t have to collect gold coins or invest in them in order to have them. Many of us get gold coins frequently without having any interest in them, beside a question they keep asking themselves : how to cash in gold coins.

Here we explore the different ways of selling gold coins.

Go to any city and you’ll be ready to spot them.

Gold Refiners
They are definitely the best choice. You can deal with them from the comfort of your house. Here, you have to ship your jewellery to the refiner in a out of danger and secure way. Once the refiner collects the jewelry, he’ll rate it and make an offer, which you can accept or refuse. On occassion , some bargaining is also involved. Once the price is concluded upon, you get the check.

Before you hand your coin to any of the places voiced above, you should find out the right price for your gold coin. The easiest way to do it is to have a coin catalogue and having the ability to grade your coin reasonably, and if you had one and were capable of doing coin grading, you most likely wouldn’t be reading this article.

You can begin with asking your local coin traders, they may not give you the right price, but at least you will get some idea of what your gold is, what grade it is in, and what it’s worth. Going to a jewellery shop can be justified only if you do not have any coin dealers around - they may know about numismatic value of coins, but usually, they just give you their gold value, which can be comparatively tiny compared to their numismatic value.

After you got some idea of what your coin is worth, you can make a bit more research to find about the value of your coin. You can of course just Google it, which is a good start, but an alternate way of doing it is using eBay. Go to eBay, find the coins and paper money class, and search for your coin ( you must know that much after you have seen your coin dealer ).

You can think about using help of coin forums too. There’re lots online ( for instance CoinForum ), and folks on those forums can be awfully pro and beneficial.

remember that coin grading may affect the price greatly and if the coin dealer you saw announced that your coin is in the very fine grade ( VF ) and worth around 0 and you discovered that an identical coin in the extra fine grade ( XF ) was sold for 0, you have had your coin priced in the right way.

After you’ve got a better concept how much your coin is worth, you can start passionately considering selling it. They are clearly 2 ways to go about this:if your coin dealer offered you more than you found you can get on eBay, than go to your coin dealer. Otherwise, sell it online ( eBay or other online auctions ) - you even can discussthe selling of gold coins for no reserve ( eBay only ) - there’s a whole lot of folks that made their business to observe gold coin auctions continually, so your coins will get sold for a fair price anyhow ( do not do it if you do not feel brave ).

Just remember one other thing : some of the coins have varieties, which are minute distinguished features of a coin that will make it worth a ton more than its common counterparts, as an example : one number in the coin year is rather longer than other number, or space between two letters isn’t the same as between other letters. Follow these pointers that show you how to sell gold for cash and you’ll be well on your way.

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