now if you where me…?

would you leave, if you knew your life would be better with out your friends and family, im not saying this as a child but a adult, ive lived 21 years of BS in my town thefts crack heads you name it ive delt with it, im the youngest of 4 i have 3 older sisters and i don’t necessarily like my childhood, i have dreams but i feel that these people just hold me back

ive wanted to leave for some time now, look ive gave my self leaving dates, and it always messes up but this time i plan at saving ,000 and leave the people i grew out with

my life it feels like some ones just been picking on me and idon’tt know why im a good kid, idon’tt even have a criminal record, i never ran from the cops but it just feels like ive been getting beat down with a stick

can you people remember what you got on your 8th bday?
well i got my house broken in to, look if that was even a bad part of it i probly wouldn’t of menchend it.
i also lost my licence for 6-9 months starting in july so it fucked up my job(between jan-apr i get it back)

im the only person in my family to graduate from school there all drops outs even my dad, ive had learnassistanceence thelementaryntry school and high, ive had so all friends steal thousands of dollars from me and i always works for my money, the only big thing ive had some one help me with with a ,400 TV smashed with a WII mote i had my dad help me with 0 with house inchurence i got a higher modle so it was 0 extra on 0

my sisters all got cars but i paid for my first car, the first nice bmx i bought and upgraded was stolen by my friend i knew for 5 years, but look ive gotten to the point of someone stealing anything from me i just dont care about it, by this i mean i lost a roll of toonies witch is know what i just didnt care about it, that was in the summer(im canadian)

ive been used by so many people for money, ife helped out people and they back fire on me and i ask why, and i dont know what to do

look i just got a job and my back is also offering my a credit limit of ,500 on my visa is this good for that much credit by the age of 21?

im also planning on investing in some silver to help me save up faster its got up nearly 77% in one year gold has gone up about 46-49% YTD

id been called many things all my life and it just seems like ever one just effed with me and its oh most like God had to make some one for everyone to pick on and it was me, when i was in high school i dreamed and omost planned on killing a bunch of people in my high school but that was before i dropped out of it, look i feel like i have the looks to get a girl friend but i can, cuz girls dont dig me

ive even prayed for death by no one awnser that prayer

but life is getting better and look if its hard to understand dont worry it, i rant some times i just dont know what to do in life and i just want to make it easy some how i feel if i am to leave i need to leave my addictions behind in this place im from

say now it i wanted to leave after 21 years of bad karma where would be the idea place to go, cuz i just dont care what really happends any more