On Wisconsin: Wisconsin Quarter Coin Collecting

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On Wisconsin: Wisconsin Quarter Coin Collecting

Coin collecting and collections have been an exciting hobby enjoyed by individuals of all ages. Some of those collections could be rare coins, coins that are no longer minted or coins that are valuable. Additionally, coins can be collected that represent various countries. For example, coins from England, France or Spain can be gathered. Additionally, closer to home, one may wish to indulge in Canadian coin collecting or collecting American coin or state coins.

One of those states is a central northern state that is part of the United States of America known as Wisconsin. Additionally, if one were asked about Wisconsin and name items that are associated with this state, there would be a variety of responses.

For example an individual may respond by saying cold because of the harsh winters. Or another individual may say Packers. This is due to the fact that the Green Bay Packers are a NFL football team and play in the City of Green Bay. Or another individual may retort with the word cows. That is because Wisconsin is known as American’s dairyland.

In fact, on the commemorative state quarters, a cow is depicted on the face of the 25 cent piece. Therefore, if collecting state quarters it is interesting to know some back ground information concerning the minting of these quarters. Specifically, if a person wishes to collect all 50 state quarters or just Wisconsin quarter coin collecting they will want to know about each of the representations on this coin.

Dairy Cow

One of the symbols that is central to Wisconsin quarter coin collecting is the dairy cow. This dairy cow is one of the key symbols that is depicted on the Wisconsin quarter.

The reason why the dairy cow is a central symbol is because there is over one million dairy cows in the state. This in turn makes the State of Wisconsin one of the major producers of dairy products in the United States. Some of those products include milk and cheese. In fact there are over 350 varieties of cheeses that are produced.


Another feature that may appeal to the individual who is considering Wisconsin quarter coin collecting as a hobby may be attracted to the motto of Wisconsin. This one word motto is “forward.” This motto was adopted in 1851 and was to capture the commitment of Wisconsinites and their desire to be leaders in the Union.

In addition, the individual involved in Wisconsin quarter coin collecting will be interested to know that Wisconsin was the 30th state to join the union. In addition, the actual Wisconsin quarter was minted in 2004 and, in keeping with the 30th state to be admitted was the 30th coin produced to be part of the United States quarter series.


The other symbol that the individual that is involved in Wisconsin quarter coin collecting will notice is the ear of corn. The ear of corn is depicted on the Wisconsin quarter coin collection because close to 400 million bushels of corn are produced on an annual basis.

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