What are people's thoughts on this new $5 coin?

I hear that Canada is replacing their lovely blue dollar note with a coin, just like they changed the note with a Toonie. Are Canadians happy with this, or are they annoyed? Why do you think they are replacing the note with a coin? Is it because of a weak currency?
Quintessential: The question of why a weak economy would possibly lead to increased coinage is answered in your own response: coins stay in circulation significantly longer than bills and, thus, are less expensive in the long run. I’m not saying it’s necessarily true in this case, but a possibility considering the Loonie and Toonie.

As for the CAD being at a 35-year high you’re just flat wrong. Sure, the CAD is at $.90 USD which is the highest it’s been since the early 70′s but is that because the Canadian Dollar is worth more, or the US Dollar is worth less? When compared against the Yen or the Euro the Can. Dollar hasn’t fluctuated much. However, as we all know the USD is having a hard time against the EUR and has lost value which makes the CAD look more valuable when compared. Furthermore, the fact that the CAD has remained the same value on the whole, but gained compared to the USD means American importers are less willing to purchase goods from Canada! Economics 101