In canada isnt it difficult to chashier because of the two extra coin values?!?!?

Im a chashier in washington and I was thinking about since canadians use loonies and toonies for one dollar and two dollar values… isnt that annoying to manage at the register?

100 "one dollar" coins VS 100 "one dollar" bills?

Doest anyone else see what i mean?

rofl. I might get a job in canada because im goin there for college and im wondering how different its goin to be working with canadian money. When im used to the coins being only cent value.
umm ok…

i never said id have difficulty knowing what value they are ..

and they dont really make our dollar coins anymore … dont you know? i work at a DOLLAR STORE and ive seen 2 of those coins in the passed two months. i just set them aside with the coin rolls because we dont have an extra slot in the register for dollar coins.rofl.

PS: Its called an off campus study permit

Some people *rolls eyes*

Thanks anyways…for trying..